Bring Your Own Parent (BYOP®) 101


Bring Your Own Parent (BYOP®) 101 – An Innovative Program for Developing Volleyball Players Ages 5-10

This course was created as a joint project with the Art of Coaching and BYOP® Founder Ruth N. Nelson who has amassed over 40 years of volleyball experience and expertise. Former athlete, teacher, innovator and coach Ruth N. Nelson has created a unique course series to ensure that a teacher, parent or coach can learn how to effectively teach youth the basic 4 individual volleyball skills and basic game strategies so that they become consistent high performers.

– The is the first course of the BYOP® Online Training Series
– 4 modules including  skills overview  of passing, setting, serving and attacking
– 22 units of instruction and progressions (over 60 minutes)
– 22  unit quizes
– 1 Certificate of Completion of BYOP® 101