Comprehensive Coaching Course (Online)


The Comprehensive Coaching Course is a collection of videos taken directly from The Art of Coaching Volleyball international coaching clinic series which is accredited by Universities, Volleyball Canada, and hundreds of high school districts all across the U.S. Founded and headlined by volleyball legends Terry Liskevych (USA National Team ’84-’96), Russ Rose (Penn State) and John Dunning (Stanford), this course gives enrolled coaches an in-depth overview of how to teach all the volleyball skills, how to set up an offense and defense, and a myriad of drills to train athletes at all levels. In addition to these fundamentals this course also includes lectures on how to plan a season/practice and how to develop a coaching philosophy. It includes:

– 11 Hours of video
– 11 Course Quizzes
– 6 Skill breakdowns
– 75 Drills
– 1 Self evaluation form
– 1 Certificate on completion