Brain Training for Volleyball


A Guide to Teaching Focus, Leadership and a Winning Attitude

If you’re looking for insights beyond X’s and O’s on how to be a better coach, Stephanie Schleuder’s “Brain Training for Volleyball” is a must read.

– What do you do if a player is dogging it in practice?
– How do you teach captains to be better leaders?
– What are good strategies for building team chemistry?
– How do you deal with chronic complainers?
– How do you raise the collective energy of your team?

Schleuder deals with all of this and a lot more, and she offers specific solutions – worksheets, even – based on her many years of collegiate coaching experience. Winning volleyball matches, as Schleuder points out, is not just about having a good game plan and good players. It’s also about knowing which buttons to push to bring out the best in your athletes and how to integrate them into a single unit that will function at the height of its potential.