High School Prep Series


Jump-starting a successful season

Coaches have a lot of decisions to make at the beginning of every high school season:

  • How do I run my tryouts and what players do I keep?
  • How do I develop a good team culture and players that can lead?
  • What should my practices look like? What should I spend time on?
  • Does a 4-2, 5-1 or 6-2 best fit my team this year?
  • What serve receive and defensive systems should I train?

In this series, successful high school coach Tod Mattox and USA Youth National Team coach Jim Stone provide insider information to help you navigate these questions and make your coaching decisions at the outset of season a little easier.

With over 6 hours of information-packed videos covering tryouts, culture, leadership, practice and systems, the High School Prep Series will jump-start your season and set you up for success, now and for every season in the future!