The Short Setter’s Handbook


A 3-time Olympian’s guide to playing tall

It’s no secret that coaches are drawn to tall, wiry, high-jumping setters. This often leaves shorter setters in low demand, especially if they’re less than lean. Lindsey Berg experienced this and was told repeatedly that she was, in her words, “too short, too fat, too slow and not a good enough blocker.”

Fortunately, she didn’t listen. By the time she retired in 2014, the 5’8″ three-time Olympian had established herself as one of the top setters in U.S. history.

In The Short Setter’s Handbook, Berg splits her time between telling her story of perseverance and offering valuable instruction on how non-prototypical setters can thrive. Reading the pass, sizing up the block, bettering the ball, jump setting, footwork, hand technique, communicating, blocking big when you’re not big, delivering the right ball to the right hitter – it’s all here and more, and it’s relatable to players at every level.