Setter Coaching Certification, Level 1


The setter is the hub of your offense. She sets the team’s rhythm, helps attackers get in a flow, filters strategic information, and makes critical decisions about who to set. As coach, it’s your job to train your setter to be the court captain who will lead your team to victory.

In the Setter Coaching Certification, you’ll get access to 4.5 hours of detailed training instruction from Christy Johnson-Lynch, a former two-time All-American setter and the winningest coach in Iowa State history.

Topics include:
– Identifying the 6 athletic qualities to look for in a setter
– Tapping the ONE setting skill that outweighs all others
– Teaching your setters to execute different types of sets
– Explaining the keys to jump setting and dumping
– Training your setters to fool the block
– Fixing common setting errors
– Avoiding pitfalls when evaluating your setters

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