Club Management Guide


Powered by the Junior Volleyball Association (JVA)

As club director, you have countless things to manage. We know it’s a lot to juggle, so together with the JVA we’ve developed the Club Management Guide to offer you guidance on how best to handle the day-to-day operations of running a junior volleyball club.

Featuring advice from a dozen experienced club directors in over 5 hours of easily digestible videos, the guide provides a comprehensive look into how some of the top clubs in the country run a successful business. It covers a wide variety of important topics, including strategic planning, financial management, hiring/firing, retaining players, managing facilities and planning tournaments. You’ll take away actionable information you can use to make an immediate impact in your club.

Whether you run an established club or are looking to start a new one, you have a challenging job, and we’re excited to help you build a foundation that will shape the next generation’s love of the game.