Men’s Volleyball Head Coach Certification


When it comes to volleyball, gender matters. While the women’s game is one of endless endurance, the men’s game centers on pure power. That’s why coaches must alter their approach when training male athletes.
In this certification, coaching phenoms Pete Hanson and Ben Josephson deliver more than 400 minutes of advanced strategy, skills, scouting and statistical analysis training designed to power up your program.
Topics include:
– Organizing practices based on skill value
– Developing a serving strategy and evaluating serve effectiveness
– Training attackers on transition footwork, decision-making and approach angle discipline
– Defending effectively using blocking systems, tactics and visual keys
– Creating an offensive system that maximizes kills
– Scouting the opponent and devising a game plan
– Transitioning from high school to collegiate volleyball
If you’re a high school or collegiate coach, player or parent, this comprehensive course will tell you what you need to know about the men’s game today.
Women’s coach? This first-of-its-kind program offers several innovative approaches to training, evaluating skills and system development that apply to both the men’s and women’s games. No matter what, we’re confident you’ll find this program to be a useful tool in the development of your coaching skills and, ultimately, the performance of your team—regardless of gender. Check out the full program description below!